For Women,
Fulfillment With Work And Money
Is About Standing For Something
Not Fighting Against Something

Do you want to stand more strongly
in your worth and your vision?

- You may feel invisible at times.

- Perhaps you feel less valued than your male counterparts.

- Or a feeling of unfulfilled potential gnaws at you.

- You sense you could be more impactful, but an invisible wall of limitation holds you back.

Many women feel this way and pursue solutions from a variety of angles. You may have explored this from a gender equality perspective, or through organizational, political, socio-economic, or cultural lenses.

However, when fulfillment eludes you, it is often because you are blind to the essential role that your consciousness plays in your work-life experience.

Consciousness creates your reality. Your job and your money are not your source of fulfillment. However, most of us believe that if we could simply change our circumstances, everything would be better.

My question for you is, “How long are you going to keep trying this approach before you accept that it doesn’t work?” I propose that the problem is not that you haven’t found the right answer. The problem is you’ve been looking in the wrong place.

Everything you want begins by shifting your attention from the outer world to your inner world. As you discover your inner truth about your relationship with money, your purpose, and how you feel about truly being seen in the world, then you can begin to correct where you’ve been misaligned and new possibilities become available to you.

It has been my joy to witness women as they discover the answers that were hiding in plain sight - once they finally learned where to look. When they did, the conditions of their lives began to shift. Recognition, salary raises, promotions, and professional opportunities were the natural outcome.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the resources available here. And please be sure to contact me if you’d like some help uncovering your unique blind spots.

Click Below for a Glimpse Into Your Blind Spots

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From Job to Joy
3 Work & Career Lies that Keep You
from Peace, Purpose and Prosperity

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True Prosperity
3 Paradigm Shifts You Must Make
if You're Ever Going to Experience the Real Thing

4 minute sound bite. Click here to listen:
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I Received a Hefty Raise and I'm Much Happier at Work

"Thanks to Sonia I have been expanding my prosperity consciousness. At work, I have attracted my dream manager who supports and encourages my success and gives me opportunities to grow. The result is that after a year I received a hefty raise and a substantial bonus. I am much happier at work and more excited than I have been in a long time! I used to think that this was just a coincidence, but no more!"

Susan Kimura, Advisory Software Engineer
IBM, California

Lind Allred

I Had A 180 Degree Turn Around In My Business

"I have been in business 20 years and have enjoyed a very successful weight loss practice. However, last year my husband almost died from kidney cancer, spent 5 weeks in the hospital, and my telephone just quit ringing. I still had bills to pay and for the first time in my life, instead of expecting abundance I began to live in fear and lack. Thank goodness I am enrolled in Sonia’s, Ultimate Manifestation Intensive. WOW! I have had a 180 degree turnaround in my business and my feelings of joy and well-being have quadrupled."

Linda Allred
Master Hypnotherapist, Louisiana, USA

Jen Steinman

I Was Able To Leave My Day Job And Create My Dream Documentary

"In the first 6 months of working with Sonia, I was able to attract enough money to take 8 months off of work and travel around the world. With her guidance I left my day job behind and I am now working on the project of my dreams – a documentary film about a group of mothers, each grieving the loss of a child who travel to South Africa to volunteer with impoverished children. My relationships have never been better, and every day my life becomes a clearer reflection of who I really am and who I want to be. Sonia is a truly gifted intuitive spiritual coach."

Jennifer Steinman
Director, Producer, Editor
'Motherland, Desert Runners
California, USA