The One Relationship
You’ll Have For A Lifetime
Is The One You Have With You

How do you get along with yourself?

- Do you sometimes feel alone or lonely?

- Perhaps you compare yourself to others to see how you measure up.

- You’re not happy with your body no matter what you do.

- And self-care is a nice idea, but something always gets in the way.

I can’t tell you how many women yearn to feel differently than how they actually feel inside. Either we suffer silently, or we search tirelessly for the answer that will soothe our hearts and souls.

We read books, listen to audios, take classes, educate and inform ourselves. We diet. We train. We talk to friends in an attempt to figure ‘it’ out. Sometimes we feel better. Sometimes we even get the goal we thought we wanted. But it never lasts, does it? That’s because the answer is not outside of ourselves.

For many women their blind spot lies in where and how we search for answers. It is only when we really get that the answers are within that permanent and lasting fulfillment is possible.

Here’s the thing though. Knowing that your answers are within is very different than knowing where and how to find them inside.

This is my passion and my specialty. You have four very distinct doorways to your deepest, most powerful wisdom. And when you learn how to open those doors, you make it possible to shift from knowing the right answers in your head to experiencing their truth in your body, your being and your life.

I’ve been honored to support women as they reveal and access this untapped power. And it has been my utter joy to witness amazing fulfillment: promotions, joyful career changes, health and body transformation, romantic love, babies, salary raises, creative fulfillment, dream homes manifested, healing relationships and more.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the resources available here and if you have any questions, I’d be happy to set up a time to chat.

Call or email me anytime.

Click Below for a Glimpse
Into Your Blind Spots

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Have The Body You Love
The No-Diet Truth Behind Peace, Beauty And Well-Being
With Food And Your Body

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I Feel Invincible With Sonia In My Corner

"I was beginning the long journey of medical school and had great confidence in career but not in my relationships. My self esteem was low and I had many body pains developing. Sonia gave me immediate relief of physical and emotional pain, as well as tools to continue clearing my blocks and tap into my power. I just love how I feel invincible with Sonia in my corner, with my dream career as a Naturopathic alternative doctor, my amazing husband, and our first son on the way! I can’t wait for my exhilarating sessions with Sonia to see what manifests next….my dream retreat center!”

Amanda Hoffman, ND, Oregon, USA

Paula S

My Experiences With Sonia Have Revealed The Best In Me

"Sonia has helped me grow in so many aspects of my life. Although I am a strong and accomplished woman, I struggled not to leak my power. When I felt triggered, overwhelmed, and even passionate, the tears would flow, sometimes uncontrollably. Sonia gave me the tools to stay grounded and understand that my passion is a gift and not a curse. Learning and applying that concept has been life-changing. My experiences with Sonia have revealed the best in me."

Paula Shine, President
Heart and Shine Events, Oregon, USA


I Overcame Stage Fright After 10 Years

"I was so afraid of stage fright before performing, that it kept me off the stage for 10 years. When I saw where my true power was hiding, I fully raised my voice and sang my heart out!"

Carly Bisek, Corporate Communications Zurich, Switzerland