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July 31, 2013
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August 2, 2013
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Working Smart

anxietyThis past week, I worked with a client who was really struggling with a huge wave of grief and anxiety.

I coached her in harnessing the power of her emotions and releasing the resistance she was battling with. Ultimately her inner work culminated in a dose of inspiration that led her to clear and purposeful action. She quickly shifted from feeling powerless to powerful and manifested a flurry of new opportunities, unexpected income and new clients. This reminded me of the vital difference between working smart versus working hard.

Action is simply a delivery mechanism for your consciousness which does all the creating in your life. Action alone does nothing. Think of action as a truck which delivers cargo. If the truck is loaded with garbage and toxins, it will deliver that and the outcome will be a polluted mess. If the cargo is includes tools, know-how and skilled labor to build a village, the outcome will be life-giving and creative.

It doesn’t matter how big, fast and motivated the truck is. The truck is only as valuable as what it delivers. Similarly, you can take massive action in your life, but if it is driven by fear, with a desire to control an outcome, you may work very hard and get limited results at best. If however, you make sure your action is fueled by inspiration and vision, then your action can result in amazing things.

My coach’s recommendation: Next time you take action ask yourself, “What is driving my actions?” If it feels like willful action versus inspired action hit the pause button. Then take a moment to see how you can get in line with acting to create an outcome, rather than acting to control an outcome.

Working smart is more fun and way more effective than working hard. Try it! And read on to see what inspires you into creative action on behalf of your life dreams!

Choose YOUR Reality!™

Sonia Miller
“The Priestess of Possibility!”

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