The Ultimate Manifestation Intensive
Audio Learning Program

Reveal Your Life’s Highest Possibility!

You hear a small voice within that persistently whispers, "You're bigger than this."

Are you listening?

  • Despite all of your real-world accomplishments, on the inside sometimes you feel invisible - unseen or unsatisfied.
  • While you consistently make amazing things happen for others, these abilities don't seem to help you reach your own personal goals.
  • Everyone else sees you as powerful and competent, yet the feeling of unfulfilled potential gnaws at you.
  • No matter what you do, lasting peace and fulfillment eludes you with your inner world, your body, your relationships or your work.
  • You're not alone and there's nothing wrong with you.

    In fact you're in great company and everything is right about you!

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    Join me on a personalized journey back home to yourself, your power, and the answers that have been hiding within you.
    great women in great company

    American women today represent more than half of the workforce in management, professional and related occupations. However, many experience this paradox-- that we ARE visibly powerful, yet FEEL hidden and that our fullest potential remains unexpressed.

    This discontent you feel is a huge opportunity. You're more powerful than you know. And the only reason your outer world and your inner world don't match is because you have blind spots that are keeping you from seeing the answers and solutions that have been hiding in plain sight.

    The first blind spot every powerful woman needs to see is this:

    You can't fix your outer world enough to change your inner world.

    However, when you change your inner world in accordance with who you really want to be - not who you think you're supposed to be - that elusive feeling of power that you've been chasing begins to reveal itself in ways you could have only imagined.

    Once you tap into the true source of your power, your personal goals and dreams begin to manifest in expected and unexpected ways. And the impact and contribution you've always wanted to make starts to become a reality.

    Those who have learned how to find their blind spots and access the natural power that was hidden, have manifested deep and lasting results on inner and outer levels.

    Examples include:

  • a deeper sense of peace, self-worth and spiritual fulfillment
  • an increased sense of beauty, health, well-being
  • greater confidence, courage and strength
  • the ability to work less while earning more
  • meeting and marrying their life partners after years of frustration with romance
  • receiving promotions and raises
  • producing award winning creative works that were only a dream in prior years

      I cut my work time in half, while my revenue doubled.

      Ling Wong

      “Sonia’s Ultimate Manifestation Intensive has helped me approach my business and my life from a very different perspective. I used to be a typical Type A control freak. It was okay in corporate America managing projects, but it created stress when I started my business which involves many moving parts I can’t control. I now enjoy my work more and I can be present to treasure time with my 2-year- old son. I cut my work time in half, while my business revenue almost doubled! I am so grateful for this incredible journey with Sonia.”

      Ling Wong, Marketing Strategist


    The journey that has led me to you...

    My own personal journey has helped me understand this "power paradox" over the course of almost thirty years. Discovering my own blind spots has made all the difference in my ability to experience and express my power in the most fulfilling ways.

    To name a few, I healed from Bulimia, emotional eating, and a painful struggle with my body, crafted a fulfilling career that has allowed me to live my life purpose while being the mom I want to be, experience romantic partnership when I doubted it would happen for me, and navigated life hardships in a way that has profoundly contributed to my work in the world.

    It would be my joy to show you everything I've learned to help you reveal your unfulfilled potential in all areas of your life.

    Give this program your sincere willingness and commitment, and I'll show you four doorways to your true power and a path that has led thousands to manifest greater fulfillment within themselves, their relationships and their work. Honestly, the stuff that dreams come true are made of!

    The Ultimate Manifestation Intensive
    Audio Learning Program

    Reveal Your Life’s Highest Possibility!


      In only 3 months huge things are shifting.

      Natalie Bowman Lee

      Before the Ultimate Manifestation Intensive I had dreams to be a powerful, confident, and successful force in the wine industry. In some ways I knew what I needed to do to succeed, but in other ways I felt stuck and very anxious. Through the UMI program I’ve experienced mind-blowing new understanding. In only 3 months huge things are shifting and I have found so much to be thankful for. I’ve officially made my first wine. I am starting a new job that allows me to travel to Italy and provides weekends off for time with my husband. And I’m finding the courage and strength to do things that scared me before. I can’t thank you enough Sonia."

      Natalie Bowman Lee, Winemaker
      Oregon, USA


    Curriculum Overview

    Each module contains 4 recordings
    (2 training calls and 2 group coaching calls)
    and step-by-step lesson notes.

    Module 1 - Open to Infinite Possibilities

    In this module we make sure you have everything you need to participate fully and access the support that is available to you on this journey. You’ll learn how to create goals in a way that sets you up for success and lay the foundation to experience a personal breakthrough perhaps never before imagined.

  • Orientation and The 4 Doors to Infinite Possibilities
  • Create Your Soul-Based Goals
  • How Ultimate Manifestation Works
  • What to Do with Your Goals Once You Have Them
  • Module 2 - Engage the Power of Your Mind

    In this module we explore how your mind keeps you small, limited and restricted. You will discover simple yet powerful tools to effectively overcome limiting beliefs, negative expectations, and sabotaging thoughts. This module helps you to remove blocks to your goals and dreams and open to opportunities that before seemed out of reach.

  • Willingness
  • Coaching
  • Suspending Judgment and Gratitude
  • Coaching
  • Module 3 - Engage the Power of Your Action

    In this module we explore how to maximize your action so you work smart instead of hard. One of the most challenging aspects of manifestation includes knowing exactly what actions to take. In this module, you will discover the proven SOUL Formula™ to answer the question, “What do I do?” every time it arises as you pursue your dream. You will enjoy the confidence and results that come from knowing exactly how to take effective action.

  • Do What’s In Front Of You - The S.O.U.L. Formula
  • Coaching
  • Give/Serve and Act As If
  • Coaching
  • Module 4 –Engage the Power of Your Emotions

    Most people have no idea that our emotions play a very important and active role in achieving our dreams. Instead many relate to their emotions from a place of control where their emotions control them or they seek to control their emotions. This serves only to keep you separate from all you desire. In this module you will learn how to harness the power of your emotions and experience progress where you may have been stuck in the past.

  • Breath Method
  • Coaching
  • Exploration Method and Activity Method
  • Coaching
  • Module 5 – Engage the Power of Your Spirit

    Whether you call it energy, spirit or the quantum field, there is only ONE essential life force that expresses in, as and through everything. The nature of this one Source Energy is wholeness. All that you want to be, do or have is already here. In this module, you will expand in your capacity to understand how this is so and open your life to all that awaits you!

  • Meditation
  • Coaching
  • SAP and Return To Now
  • Coaching
  • Module 6 –Energize Your Momentum

    The Ultimate Manifestation Intensive is about much more than achieving your goals. It is a journey that opens you to the truth of who you really are. In this module you will have an opportunity to fully acknowledge your successes and evolution, identify your next opportunities for personal expansion and claim your power by stepping into a new way of being and living your life.

      From feeling broken to an explosion of new possibilities...


      "I felt trapped in a a stagnant job doing things I don’t agree with and felt broken as I struggled with depression and a sensitivity to bad people. I was afraid this reality would never change so I registered for the Ultimate Manifestation Intensive in the hopes of tapping into a new possibility. Quickly, as I practiced the tools, everything starting to shift! I’ve been joyous - excited about work and new ways of doing things in our office. I’ve had so much fun talking to people about new projects I’m taking on. The excitement about work is unfamiliar. I felt so hopeless, but my experience has exploded with possibilities and opportunities. Work is easy and fun now."

      Oregon, USA


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      I'm wielding The Force like a Star Wars Jedi

      Jacques Bredy

      "Wow this past week has been amazing. Went on a business trip that I was anxious about and used the tools I’ve been learning in the Ultimate Manifestation Intensive. So many things unfolded in amazing order. I was wined and dined. My boss praised me to no end. And I am now working not only on a big project for my job, but a huge commission that will allow me to do some fun creative work and be paid very well for it. Sonia you were on this trip with me. I was wielding The Force like a Star Wras Jedi!"

      Jacques Bredy, Fine Artist, USA


      I've had a 180 degree turnaround with my business.

      Linda Allred

      "I've enjoyed a successful weight loss practice for 20 years. However, last year my husband almost died from kidney cancer and my telephone quit ringing. I had bills to pay and for the first time in my life, I feared lack and scarcity. Thank goodness I am enrolled in Sonia’s, Ultimate Manifestation Intensive. WOW! I've had a 180 degree turnaround in my business and my joy and well-being have quadrupled."

      Linda Allred, Master Hypnotherapist, Louisiana, USA



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