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August 10, 2018
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This Thing Called Space

This thing called space.




So commonly ignored.

How do I convey the value of no-thing?

How do I help you see the power of that which cannot be seen?

How do I help you hear the beauty of that which is still?

How do I help you experience the full-filment of that which is emptiness?

I don’t.

I can’t.

I can only hold a space for you to rest.

It cannot be understood. It can only be felt.

You cannot pursue it. You can only invite it.

You cannot do a single thing to know its vibrant aliveness. You can only be, and be, and be.

Do you know how to be?

Do you know how to listen to the quiet?

Have you ever let everything be as it is?

When you do, you become able to see what has always been here.

Everything you’ve always wanted has always been here.

Better than you could ever imagine.

But the wanting must cease. 
If only for a moment. 
Then another moment. 
And another moment.

It’s all always been here.

~ Sonia

Thank you Kindred Women for your trust, your hearts, your surrender and your openness during the Illumination Retreat. I so look forward to witnessing how you carry forth all that continues to awaken within you. The world needs that which you embody.


  1. David Gray says:

    Nothing is a very sacred space. Thanks for holding it and for where you stand and for who you be.

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