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September 27, 2013
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The Goals Are Not The Goal


I’m committed to helping seekers set themselves up for success.

And one of the most important things I know to do is help people understand how to use goal-setting effectively. Why? Because done incorrectly, they can actually sabotage your greatest aspirations.


As Yehuda Berg of the Kabbalah Center teaches, “The goals are not the goal.” The TRUE goal is your soul’s evolution. Your Soul Self is here to expand, evolve and create. It does NOT accomplish this by setting and meeting goals. It does this by USING goals (generated by the ego) as a short term destination, designed to UNEARTH the things that you must shed and grow beyond in order to become a bigger version of you – the YOU you must become to LIVE the reality that is your goal. When you set goals from this perspective, you can’t fail. As long as you move toward your goal and you keep growing and learning, you will EXPAND, remember more and more of who you REALLY are, and guess what? Your goal (or something better) will manifest!


On the flip side, there are a number of problems inherent with believing that your goals are the goal. Firstly, goals are generated by the ego (that part of you that believes you are separate from Source.) So, if you are chasing goals in order to feel better, you are essentially putting out the energy (and manifesting) always feeling SEPARATE from Source (i.e. separate from your power, your well-being, your joy, your abundance, etc.) Consequently, you may manifest your goals, but…

  • the satisfaction will be fleeting, OR
  • you’ll fear losing “that thing” as soon as you get it.

Additionally, unless the goal manifests exactly the way you intend (the how, the when, the where), you’ll feel like a failure and suffer all the “not enough” feelings that come with unmet goals and expectations (i.e. disappointment, scarcity, discouragement, etc.), which in turn activates a Creative Consciousness that is THE OPPOSITE of what you need to activate in order to experience the fulfillment you truly seek.


  • Forget about time lines! Instead of, “I intend to manifest “X” in 3 months…” try, “I am READY to ALLOW “X” into my life in the next 3-12 months. Instead of trying to “control” your goals into being, see your intentions as “opening the door of opportunity. Walk through the door and stay on the path.
  • Once you know your intention (keep it simple), make an itemized list of how it will look and feel as your dreams manifests. That way, as you travel the journey, you can see what IS manifesting, give thanks for that, and allow success to breed success. (Instead of ONLY seeing the finish line, thereby becoming unable to see any progress, and getting pulled into believing “nothing is happening.”)
  • Remember: the TRUE goal is your soul’s expansion and as you become more and more of who you REALLY are, the goals will simply manifest as an expression of that. (Slip into thinking your goals are the priority and you may risk using them as a measuring stick that keeps you feeling small instead of supporting you to be the BIGGER YOU, you are already becoming!)

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