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February 9, 2015
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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Manifesting Relationships With The Law of Attraction

I always say the Law of Attraction is simple, but not always easy to apply. Take for example the realm of relationships, if it were easy to manifest our dream relationships with the Law of Attraction, anyone who knows the basics would be living in relationship bliss. However, we are often unaware of the perspectives we hold regarding relationships – perspectives that are vital to determine whether or not we will succeed in manifesting the relationships we desire.  As we continue featuring relationship wisdom this month, I thought I would shed some light on 4 important pitfalls to avoid when utilizing the Law of Attraction to manifest successful relationships. Explore and practice the correct consciousness and watch shifts happen!

Pitfall #1 – Form vs. Essence

A common Law of Attraction pitfall regarding relationships is that people focus on the form vs. the essence. Form refers to appearances – what we think our dream relationship is supposed to look like. Essence refers to experience – what our dream relationship will feel like. The form can be a trap because we think the form is what will make us happy. But if the form doesn’t match the essence two things can happen: a) you may attract exactly what you’re looking for (i.e your dream will “look” as you expected), but still find yourself unhappy, or b) you may find yourself unable to manifest what you desire because, due to your expectation, you’ll keep missing it.

As you identify what you want in a relationship, have fun making your lists and summoning the visual imagery of your desires. But don’t stop there. Go deeper and look beneath the surface. Ask yourself what it is that you really want in a relationship. As you clearly connect with your value system and the qualities you seek, you’ll be able to direct that energy into the Universe with clarity.

If you keep expecting your dream mate to look a certain way, you might look right past him or her. When you know what you really seek (i.e. freedom, connection, harmony, creative partnership, commitment, mature love, etc.) then you will be able to stay open and allow the true essence of your dreams into your life, regardless of potentially unexpected appearances.

Experiment: Instead of writing about your dream mate, write about “How My Dream Relationship Feels,” then when you go to bed each night, read through what your wrote, and fall asleep – feeling as if you are already IN that experience. Sweet dreams!

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