The Best New Year’s Advice I Can Offer

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The Best New Year’s Advice I Can Offer

Happy Happy New Year!

As I prepared to write my next issue of Soul Food, I considered how rare and special it is for most of humanity to be aligned in thought and emotion! Have you ever…been fully swept up in the vortex of a musical concert, the intense engagement of a professional sports event, the bliss of beauty at a breathtaking cultural performance? During those experiences have you paused for just a second to acknowledge that EVERYONE at that event is tuned in and connected the very same thing? Have you stopped to feel a part of the Oneness?

This type of energy is available to you right now…yet on a global scale as we welcome in the New Year! Conscious or unconscious most of humanity is undergoing a giant sort of energetic inhale and exhale as we recognize that this is a time of endings and beginnings. We feel opportunities to let go and bring closure where needed. And we open up to new possibilities – sometimes with passionate determination, sometimes as a cautious, hopeful wish.

There is something profound about letting yourself be uplifted by the awareness that you are part of a larger whole. Simply by acknowledging, even if for a moment, that your awareness is part of One Divine Consciousness – like a drop of water in the ocean – you can feel the power of who you really are and open up to the Truth of your vastness and greatness.

In light of this golden opportunity, I offer you my best New Year’s advice: Rather than setting goals, resolutions or even intentions for the coming year, simply ask yourself this:

What am I ready to allow into my life in the next six to twelve months?

While in this question, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and consider this:

There is only ONE. One unifying energy/life force/consciousness that is the SOURCE of all that is. This Source Energy is all that we dream of – wholeness, well-being, abundance, freedom, power, passion, purpose, joy, peace, truth. All that you could ever desire is right here, right now. If you could ALLOW this into your life in any way, shape or form, what are you READY for?

Then be really honest with yourself.

You want to be married? If you opened the door and your mate was standing there, ready to start a new life, would you really be READY to go for it? Or would you suddenly remember other things you feel you need to handle first?

You want to own your own business? If you opened the door and your fully operational business were across the threshold, would you be READY to be THAT YOU?

This readiness or lack of readiness often holds key information about what is REALLY standing between you and your dreams. The obstacles are not from outer conditions. The key to living your dream life resides in the inner world of your consciousness. And your willingness unlocks Infinite Possibilities!

Read on to see what inspires your willingness! After all, Success for the Soul is about unleashing your life’s highest possibilities! Are you willing?

Choose YOUR Reality!™

Sonia Miller

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