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About Sonia

Speaker, coach and best-selling author, Sonia M. Miller, BA, MSW has been helping women reveal their unfulfilled potential since 1989. Harnessing 25 years of research and application with clients around the world, Sonia is on a mission to help women illuminate the blind spots that hide our untapped power. She’s passionate about every woman understanding that, contrary to popular belief, we don't need more power, but have all the power we could ever need. Her presentations empower women to unveil and bring forth the natural genius that only we can offer to our unique spheres of influence. Sonia’s proven track record for breakthrough results is demonstrated in both personal and professional arenas. Whether you seek to resolve discontent within yourself, your relationships or your work, fulfilling outcomes are deep and lasting in your life, and impactful in your world.


The following topics can be customized to serve your organization’s needs. Formats include: 20 minute guest spots, lunch-and-learns, keynotes, half and full-day workshops, and multi-day retreats.

The Empowered Professional Woman
Find Your Blind Spots To Reveal Your Fulfillment

You’re an intelligent, motivated, competent woman, but behind closed doors, sometimes a feeling of unfulfilled potential gnaws at you. You’re not alone. Many accomplished women just like you, face the world with power. Yet, secretly they feel unseen or unsatisfied. There’s a reason for this paradox, and a way to resolve it.

The first step lies in understanding that a greater sense of power is not attained. It is revealed. In other words you don’t need to become more powerful. You need only discover where and how your power is hidden.

• Discover how to become stronger in your capacity to be seen and stand in your worth with work and career.

• Understand what’s keeping you from experiencing greater fulfillment in your inter-personal relationships.

• Find freedom from distracting inner-world struggles so that you can be your best everywhere.

Innovative Partnership
Harness The Power Of Feminine And Masculine Energy At Work

In pursuit of equal rights and opportunities, we have tended to see men as the “haves” and women as the “have-nots” . Whether or not we dare admit it, this simplistic view fuels an adversarial dynamic between men and women. By shifting from fighting for our rights to standing for the common good we begin to see how men can be our greatest allies.

• Uncover the root cause for inner world conflicts and outer world discontent in your dynamics with men and women.

• Connect with entirely new possibilities for partnerships with women and men.

• Discover the guiding principle that shifts everyone from competition to collaboration.

Claim Your Leadership
How To Be More Impactful Regardless Of Your Role

Leadership doesn’t require an official role or title. Leadership is about knowing that you do indeed matter and have an impact on those you touch everyday. Through this presentation you will see more clearly how you affect (i.e. lead) the people in your orbit, and as a result, experience more visibility in your personal and professional life.

• Feel more impactful, regardless of your role or position.

• Discover the cause and cure for feeling invisible.

• Understand the key ingredient to bringing out people’s best.

The Sovereign Woman Retreat
Know Yourself, Feel Your Power, Transform Your World
(3 Day Experience Only) February 23, 2018 Texas Retreat - SOLD OUT

A sovereign woman is more than powerful. A sovereign woman feels her joy and power independently of the rules, circumstances, and people in her world. She experiences and trusts her True Source within. She knows that she cannot find what she’s really looking for outside of herself - at least not in any lasting or permanent way. And because she understands all of this, there is a peace about her.

Most people think of sovereignty as a political, governmental or religious idea. But, in my experience as a life coach, it is a rare person - let alone a woman - who ever experiences personal sovereignty.

Most of us believe that we need something external in order to experience safety, joy and power. And while this is true when we live our lives as mere mortals, an entirely new possibility is revealed when we remember who we really are.

As you learn to tap into your Source within, you begin to access a power that is independent of the circumstances of your life.

Definition of Sovereignty: possessing supreme or ultimate power, acting or done independently without outside interference. Synonyms: supreme, absolute, unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, ultimate, total, unconditional, full, independent, autonomous, self-governing, self-determining, free.


What People Are Saying

“Sonia is an empowering speaker. She reaches her audience on a personal level and engages them to take action on what they would like to achieve. Through her insights, suggestions and the tools that she teaches, I am learning how to better understand and resolve the obstacles that prevent my happiness and fulfillment.” --Susan Kimura IBM, Advisory Software Engineer (Retired)

“Sonia demonstrates keen insight and graceful leadership as a presenter and trainer. She possesses precision with identifying core issues and offering rapid shifts in perception.” --Shannon Tran, Ph.D. Kaiser Permanente

“Sonia is an engaging presenter. She creates a safe place to explore and share ideas. She has taught me techniques that have been extremely beneficial for my awareness of self and others.” --Deborah Wiltshire Cloudera, Sr. Director Corporate Communications

“Sonia’s presentations are moving! While clearly an expert on her subject, she is grounded and approachable. Sonia’s ability to connect with individuals in the room creates an authentic experience and moves the audience into action. I can’t wait to start peeling away the layers to do my true work and purpose in life.” --Allison Strauss Attorney at Law

“Sonia is an insightful and transformative speaker! She connects the hearts and minds of the audience and inspires them to elevate themselves personally and professionally.” --Brittany Schaefer CHEF, VP Strategic Sales, NA


Info Sheets

Are you interested in having me present to your group, but you'd like to run the idea by someone? Download any or all of the documents below containing helpful information for planning purposes or to explore the possibilities.

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