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November 17, 2016
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Seeking Relief From Life?

There’s a thing:

the slippery slope of spiritual evolution

As you walk the path of spiritual seeking, you will likely awaken to greater and greater understanding.

This is fun and validating. But at the end of the day, spiritual awakening is an experience.

You can’t get there through the mind.
The mind can only point you in the right direction.

You can read books, watch videos, and listen to audios until the cows come home.

But if you’re really honest, at the root of all seeking, there is a feeling that compels or inspires you.

And if you dig deeper you’ll recognize that feeling as a longing for home.

A longing to remember something that you know you know, even if you don’t know how you know.

Like a foggy dream… your being knows you are more powerful than you often feel.

If you could only get back there.

Oh, what a relief it would be!


to yourself,

in your life,

in this crazy world.

Well… what makes the path of spiritual evolution slippery, is that “intellectual understanding” can feel good.

Those “Oh! I get it!” moments are lovely. But they wont take you home.

And that feeling of home is like being in love. You know when you’re there.

How do you know? You just know.

–Have you ever felt like you know all the right answers, but still suffer with angst and worry?

–Have you ever met a person who has a lot to say about spiritual principles, but you really wouldn’t want to be like them?

These seeming paradoxes arise when spiritual understanding has not come alive in the heart.

Home is a feeling.

Peace is a feeling.

Joy is a feeling.

Freedom is a feeling.

You don’t dance your ass off, laugh and sweat because you understand it to be fun.

It feels frickin’ fun!!!

So, how do you stay on the path of spiritual homecoming?

You embrace your humanity.

You don’t find freedom from suffering by “figuring it out”… you let it be okay, that as a spiritual being having a human experience you suffer sometimes.

You don’t find peace in the face of anxiety by “understanding it”… you find peace by saying, “Hello anxiety, you’re here again? I find you difficult to be around, but that’s okay. You have as much right to be here as joy.”

You don’t find relief from fear by “talking yourself out of it”… you experience relief when you embrace your fear with love and acceptance… by sharing your fear with a friend, or crying, or asking to be hugged.

You don’t heal from shame, guilt or pain by “fixing yourself with greater knowledge”… you relax into your wholeness by finding a place for these parts of your life to exist in your heart of compassion and gentleness.

You can’t find your way home to yourself, as long as parts of you aren’t allowed through the front door.

You find your way home by accepting ALL of you. The glorious, the messy, the painful, the joyful.

To no longer have to “arrive” at some point out there at the end of the spiritual path towards enlightened perfection…. Oh, what a relief it is!

To discover that home is when you stop seeking, sit down, take a load off and look around… that here and now, this moment, exactly as you are… is home.


What keeps you from finding your way home? Seek illumination and begin to discover your blind spots.

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