Power is not attained.

It is revealed.

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Discover your blind spots.
Tap your hidden power.
Transform yourself, your relationships, and your work.


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A New World of Possibilities

Starts January 2017


You hear a small voice within that persistently whispers, "You're
bigger than this."

Are you listening?


  • Despite all of your real-world accomplishments, on the inside sometimes you feel invisible - unseen or unsatisfied.
  • While you consistently make amazing things happen for others, these abilities don't seem to help you reach your own personal goals.
  • Everyone else sees you as powerful and competent, yet the feeling of unfulfilled potential gnaws at you.
  • No matter what you do, lasting peace and fulfillment eludes you with your inner world, your body, your relationships or your work.

    You're not alone and there's nothing wrong with you.

    In fact you're in great company
    and everything is right about you!

    great women in great company

    American women today represent more than half of the workforce in management, professional and related occupations. However, many experience this paradox-- that we ARE visibly powerful, yet FEEL hidden and that our fullest potential remains unexpressed.

    This discontent you feel is a huge opportunity. You're more powerful than you know. And the only reason your outer world and your inner world don't match is because you have blind spots that are keeping you from seeing the answers and solutions that have been hiding in plain sight.

    The first blind spot every powerful woman
    needs to see is this:

    You can't fix your outer world enough
    to change your inner world.

    However, when you change your inner world in accordance with who you really want to be - not who you think you're supposed to be - that elusive feeling of power that you've been chasing begins to reveal itself in ways you could have only imagined.

    Once you tap into the true source of your power, your personal goals and dreams begin to manifest in expected and unexpected ways. And the impact and contribution you've always wanted to make starts to become a reality.


    Those who have learned how to find their blind spots and access the natural power that was hidden, have manifested deep and lasting results on inner and outer levels.

    Examples include:

  • a deeper sense of self-worth and spiritual fulfillment
  • an increased sense of beauty, health, well-being
  • greater confidence, courage and strength
  • the ability to work less while earning more
  • meeting and marrying their life partners after years of frustration with romance
  • receiving promotions and raises
  • producing award winning creative works that were only a dream in prior years

      A major shift in my personal and professional relationships with men.

      Shannon Tran

      “After 16 years in Corporate America in a very male-dominated field, my career was a huge success. But I'd lost sight of my feminine side and honestly had negative feelings about my own femininity. Sonia was bold in her approach with me, and challenged me in a gentle but firm way. My life has expanded and shifted in enormous ways; especially my relationship with my husband. We now have a harmonious, loving, healthy, and fun relationship-something I've wanted my whole life! On an inner level, I'm at peace. I feel like I can breathe again, and I feel confident, loved, appreciated, whole, and valued as a person. It's amazing! A real miracle.”

      Shannon Tran, Ph.D.


      I cut my work time in half, while my revenue doubled.

      Ling Wong

      “Sonia’s coaching has helped me approach my business and my life from a very different perspective. I used to be a typical Type A control freak. It was okay in corporate America managing projects, but it created stress when I started my business which involves many moving parts I can’t control. I now enjoy my work more and I can be present to treasure time with my 2-year- old son. I cut my work time in half, while my business revenue almost doubled! I am so grateful for this incredible journey with Sonia.”

      Ling Wong, Marketing Strategist


    The journey that has led me to you...

    My own personal journey has helped me understand this "power paradox" over the course of almost thirty years. Discovering my own blind spots has made all the difference in my ability to experience and express my power in the most fulfilling ways.

    To name a few, I healed from Bulimia, emotional eating, and a painful struggle with my body, crafted a fulfilling career that has allowed me to live my life purpose while being the mom I want to be, experience romantic partnership when I doubted it would happen for me, and navigated life hardships in a way that has profoundly contributed to my work in the world.

    It would be my joy to show you everything I've learned to help you reveal your unfulfilled potential in all areas of your life.


    Starts January 2017

    Your Annual Membership

    $1,995 (save $300)

    or 12 Payments of $195


      In only 3 months huge things are shifting.

      Natalie Bowman Lee

      I had dreams to be a powerful, confident, and successful force in the wine industry. In some ways I knew what I needed to do to succeed, but in other ways I felt stuck and very anxious. Through Sonia's guidance I’ve experienced huge shifts in only 3 months! I’ve officially made my first wine, am starting a new job that allows me to travel to Italy and provides weekends off for time with my husband, and I’m finding the courage and strength to do things that scared me before. I can’t thank you enough Sonia."

      Natalie Bowman Lee, Winemaker
      Oregon, USA


    Curriculum Overview

    January - Orientation and Introduction
    There's a world of difference between knowing the path and walking the path. While Aha Moments are fun and stimulating, they are just the first steps towards permanent and lasting results. In this module you’ll get clear about how to use this program to generate lasting transformation.
    February - Tap Your Natural Power
    Every goal you’ve ever had is an attempt to solve discontent. Yet there’s only been one reason for your goals – ever. You were chasing a feeling that you thought that goal realized would provide. Goals, as most people understand them, are unattainable mirages. In this module you’ll craft your goals correctly so as to reveal your hidden power.
    March - Be Seen
    The problem with feeling invisible is that you likely think another person has to see you in order to feel visible. This thinking, in turn, gives the other person all the power and you none. If you feel invisible it means that at some point you agreed to hide. In this module you’ll begin to access your untapped power by taking your next steps in coming out of hiding.
    April - Enrich Your Relationships
    Your relationships are your legacy and the footprint you leave on the world. Each human being you encounter then goes out into the world influenced by you in one of three ways: they are empowered, they are hurt, or they are cheated of the difference you could have made. In this module you will discover your Relationship North Star and begin using it to guide you in every relationship you have.
    May - Champion Other Women
    While our power as leaders comes from a willingness to visibly stand for what we believe in, our strength as leaders comes from knowing we are supported by each other. For this to happen we must heal the places we have hurt each other. In this module you will engage in the process of setting yourself free from the hurts you’ve carried in relationship with yourself and other women.
    June - See Past Gender Stigmas
    The fight for equality produced distortions that cause women and men to judge, blame, and reject valuable aspects of themselves. Whether rooted in the metaphysical framework of the yin-yang symbol or the study of hunters and gatherers, understanding polarities and celebrating the full-spectrum of human expression helps us to contribute to our fullest potential. In this module you will uncover and break free of gender stigmas that have limited your fullest potential.
    July - Cultivate Partnerships with Men
    In our pursuit of equal rights and opportunities, we tend to see men as the ‘haves’ and women as the ‘have-nots’. Whether or not we dare admit it, this simplistic view fuels an adversarial dynamic between men and women. By shifting from fighting for our rights to standing for the common good we begin to see how men can be our greatest allies. In this module you will tap into new possibilities for fulfilling and productive partnerships with men.
    August - Nurture Your Feminine Soul at Work
    There’s a female power model that’s yet to be fully revealed at both individual and institutional levels. As we embrace our curiosity and reveal this new framework, balance between the sexes and a new kind of partnership will generate new opportunities. In this module you will begin to access your untapped power at work by connecting with parts of yourself that have been buried.
    September - Be a Pebble in Every Pond
    Culture, religion, race, socio-economics, sexual orientation and gender identity can act as lines of division. We come together one woman at a time – one smile, one hello, one handshake, one moment of open-hearted curiosity at a time. In this module you will experience your power to make a difference everywhere you go.
    October - Claim Your Leadership
    Leadership doesn’t require an official role or title. Leadership is about knowing that you do indeed matter and have an impact on those you touch everyday. In this module you will see more clearly how you affect (i.e. lead) the people in your orbit, and, as a result, become more visible to yourself and the world.
    November - Transform Your Fear - Reveal Your Next Steps The root of all invisibility is fear. Once we understand our part in agreeing to hide, we face our next invisibility hurdle: dealing with the fear of being seen. In this module you will expand your experience of power by evolving your relationship to fear.
    December - Energize Your Momentum
    This is your opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate all the ways you've revealed and tapped your hidden power. In this module you'll claim your next steps on your path from invisible to invincible.

      From feeling broken to an explosion of new possibilities...


      "I felt trapped in a a stagnant job doing things I don’t agree with and felt broken as I struggled with depression and a sensitivity to bad people. I was afraid this reality would never change so I sought out Sonia's support in the hopes of tapping into a new possibility. Quickly, as I practiced the tools she taught me, everything starting to shift! I’ve been joyous - excited about work and new ways of doing things in our office. I’ve had so much fun talking to people about new projects I’m taking on. The excitement about work is unfamiliar. I felt so hopeless, but my experience has exploded with possibilities and opportunities. Work is easy and fun now."

      Oregon, USA


    Starts January 2017

    Your Annual Membership

    $1,995 (save $300)

    or 12 Payments of $195

    Program Details

    From The Comfort Of Your Own Home:

    Everything is facilitated by telephone and internet. Regardless of time zones, schedules or other responsibilities, this program is designed to provide empowering support in a way that fits your life. Worried about missing the trainings or being unable to receive support? No problem. Our students send their check-ins and questions ahead of time and I weave in the coaching support throughout the live calls. Listen to the recordings and hear personalized messages from me to you.

    Class Schedule:

    Our Orientation call is Monday, January 23, 2017 at 6:00pm PST. All remaining calls are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. August and December will hold no calls and will instead be used for practice work supported by the group and me, privately. All calls are held Wednesdays 12:00noon – 1:00pm PST and are conducted by teleconference call.

    Session Recordings:
    All trainings and deep dive Q&A's are recorded. After each session we provide 3 ways to access the recordings, making this program easy access from your email, Facebook or the internet.

    Lessons Notes:

    Easy to follow learning modules and practice exercises are available for download and print.


    Connect with fellow students at our online forum. Share, ask questions, receive support, and celebrate your successes together!

    Personalized Support:

    Interactive group calls provide support to fully understand and integrate our transformational curriculum.


      I've had a 180 degree turnaround with my business.

      Linda Allred

      "I've enjoyed a successful weight loss practice for 20 years. However, last year my husband almost died from kidney cancer and my telephone quit ringing. I had bills to pay and for the first time in my life, I feared lack and scarcity. Thank goodness I found Sonia’s unique and powerful style of coaching. WOW! I've had a 180 degree turnaround in my business and my joy and well-being have quadrupled."

      Linda Allred, Master Hypnotherapist
      LindaAllred.com, Louisiana, USA



    Don't hesitate to call or email me at: customercare@successforthesoul.com or 877-291-1199