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February 5, 2015
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Relationship Advice: The Apples and Oranges of Dating

dating orange and appleWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, we decided to feature relationship wisdom this month. Enjoy our February series of tips, tools and advice.

Q: I am a 27 year old man and have been dating ever since high school. Although I’ve consistently attracted what I think is the perfect woman into my life, my relationships usually last only six months to a year. What will it take to find my perfect woman and stop the revolving door of beautiful women who turn out to be all wrong for me?

A: Short-term relationships and long-term relationships are like apples and oranges. To experience success with either, you must understand that they have different purposes and call for different strategies.

Short-term relationships serve two purposes: fun and research. They are great for exploring who you are and who you want to be in relationships. This is where you discover what you want, and more importantly do not want in a partner. So, go ahead, choose a woman because she’s gorgeous, laughs at your jokes, is a good cook, an animal in bed, and loves football. Your criteria for choosing a short-term girlfriend doesn’t really matter because you’re here to have fun, explore and learn.

In contrast, successful, long-term, committed relationships require two things: you must have relationship skills and know who you are. You must understand that love is more than a feeling, and that it must be supported by actions of commitment, compromise, and sacrifice. You must also be willing to make the needs of your relationship more important than your own needs. This means that you need to know yourself well enough to choose a woman who will not require you to compromise who you are. When dating for the long-term, ask yourself, “Does she bring out the best in me and share the same values and vision for life?”

The Law of Attraction governs what we experience in our lives. If you want to attract a different kind of woman, you must be a different kind of man. By asking yourself the hard questions and being honest with yourself and the women you date, you will stop the revolving door and put yourself on the path to long-term relationship fulfillment.

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