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February 4, 2015
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Relationship Advice: Romance Revolution

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we decided to feature relationship wisdom this month. Enjoy our February series of tips, tools and advice.

Q: I always get depressed on Valentines Day. If I’m not in a relationship I’m reminded of how single I am. If I am in a relationship, I’m always disappointed by some lame, if any, expression of romance. Is it so wrong to want to be swept off my feet?

A: It’s not wrong to want romance, but it is ridiculous to let some Hallmark holiday dictate your sense of well-being. And sadly, you are in good company. There is so much discontent in our culture because we often allow other people to tell us what we should want, when we should want it, and how we should feel.

The desire for romance comes from the desire to feel special and wanted. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants to feel that way. However, it is a set-up to think that the way to romance is for someone else to give it to you. Your relationships are a mirror reflection of your relationship with you. If you feel empty and lonely inside, you are going to feel empty and lonely in your relationships. So many people jump from one relationship to the next just to avoid being alone. Big mistake. Aloneness holds the key to our happiness.

If you want true love in your life it must begin in your relationship with you. This Valentines Day mount your own personal romance revolution. Rather than seeking romance from someone else, shower yourself with time and attention. Stop avoiding being alone and reclaim solitude as an opportunity to really know yourself. When your fear of being alone no longer controls you, you’ll be able to connect with your internal Source of well-being. When the desperation is gone, you’ll be able to choose a mate from wisdom rather than fear. And because you’re energy will be one of self-love, you’ll easily attract those that love you for you.

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