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September 24, 2013
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Navigating the Illusion – Lie #2

happy womenYou are separate, alone and not enough.

The following segment is part of an extended article series designed to shed light on the nature of the illusion we call reality, how it keeps us small, and how to unleash your life’s highest possibilities! To start at the beginning CLICK HERE.

In our introduction to this article series we explored the nature of the Illusion, why you would choose to forget your infinite power, and how it is that you begin to remember. Today we continue delving more deeply into the Illusion in which you live by exploring the Untruth of Separation. The more you contemplate the nature of Truth, the more you become able to remove yourself from the pain of the human condition and observe the illusion with detached fascination.

Take, for example the universal human experience of aloneness and not enoughness. Have you ever met a person who in some way didn’t feel alone or not enough?

It’s everywhere. It’s in everyone! It’s simply mind-blowing!

After all, the Truth is:

You are wholeness, health and oneness. Period.

When you begin to know this more and more deeply, it becomes simply amazing how we are utterly convinced of our deficiency. So much so that, as if brainwashed or hypnotized, we spend the vast majority of our waking hours overcompensating for insecurities, avoiding the pain of believing in our aloneness, and striving to fix our brokenness.

Let’s lift the Illusion further, shall we?

There is only ONE. One life. One consciousness. There is nothing that is NOT part of this one. This means that you, I, and the computer or paper you are looking at are all made up of the same substance. Furthermore, this ONE is perfect, whole, and complete love. Which means YOU are perfect, whole and complete love. You could never, ever be separate, alone or not enough.
Remember those individual drops of water that are ONE with the ocean? Whether they become part of a cloud, a river, bodily fluid, or toxic waste… water is still water. It can feel separate. It can look different. But its essence remains unchanged.

How do you remember your true essence? Willingness.

Here’s an experiment:

Each time you feel separate, alone or not enough – notice. And when you do, say to yourself something like, “Yes. This is me believing in the lie of separation from Source. I am willing to feel and know the Truth of who I am. Whole, loved, connected and enough.”

Willingness has the power to reveal spectacular things! Why? Because, rather than trying to change, fix or improve something you think is broken (which just perpetuates the illusion), willingness simply invites and allows the well-being that is here to reveal itself.

Are you willing to choose your reality?

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