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February 14, 2015
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My Resurrection

Five years ago, at 12:30am Easter Sunday morning, my marriage of 15 years was pronounced dead.  It was not my choice.  Except for the fact that my intuition had been telling me something my mind refused to believe for eight months prior, it came as a complete surprise.

This event in and of itself would have been enough to rock my world, but the fact that it came within 11 months of my mother’s death after four years of spiritually grueling care-giving, and seven months after discovering that I was now in a no-turning-back contentious legal dispute that threatened the security of my home and my financial future… well, let’s just say there are limits to the English language.  No matter how articulate I thought I was there are simply no words to describe the experience at the time.

In retrospect, however, I affectionately refer to this series of events as the “crash and burn” period of my life.  And the fact that even more dominoes fell beyond this defining post-midnight discovery proved to me that sometimes things really do get worse before they get better.

Fast forward five years to today where Easter, Passover, the New Moon, and the Lunar Eclipse all coalesce, my five year anniversary is demanding that I acknowledge or express something formally.

But here’s the thing… I have been sharing this journey of deaths and rebirths over these five years.  In ways that felt appropriate, I have shared my discoveries with friends, clients, students, my journals, my classes, my healers, my teachers, and my coaches.  But now something is different.  I am no longer IN IT, no longer in the womb where the mystery of life does its miraculous work.

In the last month I’ve received potent messages that it is time to do something with what my soul has revealed to me over the last five years.  Publicly sharing through writing seems to be my next step.  And so, from where I stand today, that is my intention.  If something about this post speaks to you, I hope you’ll keep coming back and if you want other updates about how all this translates to Success For The Soul learning opportunities, please sign up for my newsletter in the box to the right.

Do I have an idea what I’ll be sharing?  Oh yes, it is more than an idea.  It is a fully embodied understanding.  Is it scary to blaze forth with conviction?  You betcha.  But I believe that I went through what I went through for a reason.   And now, at the age of 51, I am one year older than my father was when he died.  Blend that with my innate wiring to live a life of no regrets and frankly… what’s the alternative?  Go big or go home, right?

Today I’m going to the Pacific ocean.  I feel guided there.  Not sure what will happen, but the pilgrimage itself feels ceremonious.  I suspect I’ll be casting something into the ocean… perhaps a symbolic placenta that kept me connected to Divine Life Support while I was gestating these five years.  And I suspect, there will be a claiming of my resurrection… the birth of a new life and a new clarity about why I was put on this earth.  At least that is the reality I’m choosing.

My wish for you is that today you invite insights regarding your own opportunities for resurrection.

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  1. Kevin Dunbar says:

    Thanks for sharing Sonia….I really do admire who you are. Kev.

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