My Holiday Gift To You – The Mother Of All Aha’s!

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December 12, 2013
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My Holiday Gift To You – The Mother Of All Aha’s!

The biggest mistake I see Law of Attraction students make is to think that manifestation is about manifesting things in your physical world. This approach is seductive, prevalent and utterly incorrect. So, when seekers are not getting the manifestation results they wish for, rather than questioning their approach, they increase their efforts. They say more affirmations, do more visualizations, and try to “raise their vibration” more and more and more.

I know because I was one of these seekers until I had the Mother of All AHA’s which gave me the break-through I had been longing for:

Manifestation is NOT about manifesting things in your physical world. Manifestation is about manifesting (embodying) the Truth of who you really are.

Think about it. If you seek to manifest the car, the house, the weight loss, the relationship, etc… why is that? It is because at your core you believe you are not happy, you are not home, you are not secure, you are not beautiful, you are not loved. This is your consciousness and this is what you manifest in your life. Oh sure, you may “get the stuff” …but does it ever last? And do you ever actually feel better about yourself or your life in any lasting way? No.

You cannot manifest what you truly desire until you shift your Inner Reality. The Truth is you are love, you are safety, you are power, you are abundance and you are well-being. Until you shift your manifestation efforts to manifest this reality – to embody this Truth – all that you seek will remain out of reach.

During this holiday season and into 2014, I hope you’ll open yourself up to choosing THIS reality!

Many Blessings!

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