You just need… something
but you’re not sure what it is.

- Your mind needs clarity.

- Your heart needs hope or inspiration.

- Perhaps your soul is seeking, longing, yearning… but for what exactly?

- Maybe you just need a no-nonsense step-by-step plan.

We all need help sometimes.

But even if we know this, we don’t always know where to go for the support that will make the difference that we seek.

My specialty is helping people see their blind spots.

Your true purpose, prosperity and relationship potential is already within you. I would be honored to help you see through the illusions of your life to uncover the answers that have been hiding in plain sight.

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Sonia Cracked The Code In 2 Sessions


“After attending her revealing class on Harnessing The Power of Your Emotions, I realized that I needed Sonia's support. I knew I was on my soul’s path and it was stirring up a plethora of emotions that was causing physical pain. After two sessions with Sonia, she was able to crack the code to get to the heart of what I was struggling with. Sonia lifted so much weight off my shoulders it actually alleviated some of my physical pain. Her insight is a treasure, Sonia is the real deal.”

Dawn Dwyer, Fine Artist, USA

The Mini Coaching Package Is Perfect For You If:

✓You need to get traction on your dream

✓You are new to life coaching and want to stick your toe in the water

✓You would like a taste of what’s possible when you work with me

✓You have short-term objectives that call for brainstorming or problem solving

✓You need a boost of encouragement or inspiration

The mini-coaching package is my special invitation to anyone who is new to my work. A coaching relationship is like any meaningful relationship. It is only after you've gotten to know each other a bit that you begin to see what's truly possible. The mini-coaching package is a wonderful way for us to get to know each other and do some powerful work. While we're at it, we may discover that we love working together and want to continue. During a Next Steps call and we'll have an opportunity to explore the possibilities.

You may use your sessions for coaching or energy alignment sessions. Based on the type of support you need the 4 sessions may be set up as weekly or bi-weekly appointments over a month or two. You may also use the 4 sessions as 2 in-depth 1 hour appointments.

If you choose to build on the momentum of your mini-package, or you already know that you're ready for more ongoing guidance as you go for you big life dreams, navigate life transitions, or pursue permanent and lasting transformation, Private Mentor Coaching is the way to go. Extended real-time support, consistency and continuity make all the difference as you move toward realizing your greatest aspirations. Examples of this include embodying a deeper experience of your personal power, manifesting your ideal romantic relationship, knowing and living your life purpose, having the body you love, overcoming traumas and more. You have options as you choose from several programs designed to meet a variety of preferences regarding learning style, pace and budget.

Your Package Includes:

Before we even meet, you will complete The Mini Coaching Assessment which will provide us with the focus and clarity we need to make the most of our coaching sessions together. You will receive the assessment by email as soon as you purchase your package.(Value $100)

30 Minute Clarity Call
If you are new to Success for the Soul, we will schedule a time to connect by phone or Skype to get to know each other a bit, answer your questions, and insure that the Mini Coaching Package is a match for your needs. If we both get a “Yes!” from our conversation we’ll move forward. If this service is not the best fit for you, no problem, no pressure. I’ll make the best recommendation I can for a productive next step for you, whether it is with me or otherwise. (Value $150)

Choice Of Coaching Or Energy Treatments
The Mini Coaching Package may be used for coaching or energy alignments. You’re choice. If you’re new to this work, you can get your questions answered about the best use of your package during your complimentary Clarity Call Session.

Supplemental Audios
The power of the Mini Coaching Package is that it is personalized for you. During your private sessions you may access coaching or energy alignments. To support you in between sessions, I often recommend and provide audios to supplement our work. Based on your learning style and pace together we'll decide what will work best for you. This focused and strong support helps you experience tangible results in a short amount of time. (Value $200)

(4) 30 Minute Private Sessions
Access over 25 years of training and experience in success coaching, intuitive counseling, energy alignments, resource recommendations and a long-standing track record supporting people in awakening and manifesting success, well-being, and transformation of every kind! (Value $600)

I Work For You After Hours
Prior to each session you will send me your completed Pre-Session Prep Form. This allows me to “tune in” to the progress you’ve made thus far, the challenges you’re encountering and the support you’d like BEFORE we even get on the phone. This way when we connect for your session we won’t waste any precious time playing “catch up” and jump right into supporting you towards greater forward movement. (Value $250)

Next Steps Coaching Call
Upon completion of your 4 coaching sessions you will have an opportunity to energize your momentum and identify your next steps with this complimentary bonus session. (Value $150)

I'm In Awe Of What Happened After 4 Sessions

David Slocumbe

"I was frustrated by the lack of material manifestation that I desired. Sonia Miller has been a God send. During the past four coaching sessions we unblocked beliefs that limited my development. After every phone session I felt lighter and more confident. I owned my purpose and I am in awe and grateful for the events that have happened since. Website traffic increased, I received the largest donation yet to my cause, and have an exhilarating new business opportunity!"

David Slocumbe, Internet Entrepreneur
Blog Excerpt,

Discover The Power
Of Coaching With Sonia

Jump Start Your Dream In Just 4 Sessions
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$500 Paid In Full

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3 Payments of $195

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