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August 5, 2013
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August 9, 2013
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Manifestation Myth Buster #4

MYTH: You Can’t Afford A Negative Thought.

This is a prevalent myth and the cause of much suffering among seekers who practice commonly taught manifestation techniques. Negative thoughts and emotions will predictably arise as we seek to manifest greater success and fulfillment. Once we’ve identified a goal or intention, everything that stands in the way will reveal itself with more power than before. This occurs so that we can confront and dissolve the limiting perspective that keeps our lives smaller than we wish.

When your goal is prosperity and you lose your job, it is not the thought or fear of, “Oh no, I’ll never get ahead!” that keeps prosperity away. It is the belief that you can’t have the natural thoughts and feelings that arise as you grow into the bigger version of you. Negative thoughts do not create more negativity. It is our resistance and judgment of those negative thoughts that give them more power and create more of what we do not want.

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