Live Workshop August 23, 2013

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Live Workshop August 23, 2013

True Prosperity!

Three Vital Paradigm Shifts You Must Make If You’re Ever Going to
Experience the Real Thing!



&#9745 Discover what prosperity is and is not. This single perspective shift has the capacity to melt prosperity obstacles.

&#9745 Learn how some of the most commonly used mind-sets and strategies actually repel the experience of prosperity!

&#9745 Unveil the “money illusions” that fuel your experience of fear, lack, scarcity and limitation.

&#9745 Understand the truth about financial security. Learn tools you can use to begin creating True Prosperity in your life immediately.

The IKE Box, 299 Cottage Street NE, Salem, OR (directions)

Friday, August 23, 7-9 pm

Coffee and Goodies Available for Purchase

Email us at [mailto][/mailto] or call 877-291-1199

RSVP online for a chance to win an autographed copy of my book (an advance head count helps us create the best learning experience possible!)


(Note: Registration is not required to attend live event.)

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