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February 9, 2016
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Let’s Play Hide and Seek: Find the Abundance In Your Scarcity Illusions

There is an invisible world of Truth behind the physical world of our lives. This invisible world teems with overflowing abundance, always providing more than we could ever need.

But our visible selves came here to play hide and seek. We each come equipped with our personal blind spots where we perceive lack and scarcity. Why? Because then not only do we get to know overflowing abundance, we get to experience it by thinking we lost it and found it again.

Where do you perceive Not Enough?

Not enough time?
Not enough money?
Not enough love?
Not enough support?
Not enough safety?

The antidote is not to trust that there is enough. The antidote is to experience it.
When we experience something it lives within us. We become One with it. There is no separation. We embody it. It is who we are.

So. Let’s say you think you lack money.
Notice the thoughts you think.
Now apply those thoughts to the air you breathe.

Do you ever think these kinds of thoughts?

I wonder where my next breath will come from.
I wonder if I’ll have enough air to breathe next week.
I need to save air in case something happens.
I wonder if I’ll have air when I’m old.

No. You don’t. Do you?

You simply breathe.
You don’t think about.
You don’t even have to dig down to find faith.

You simply embody the knowingness that air is here. That there is always more than enough. You receive exactly what you need, when you need it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And once in a while, you take a deep breath and smile and feel so good and so grateful as your lungs expand and you receive the blessing.

Today I invite you to play Hide and Seek and Find with abundance. Here’s how to play:

• Choose an area of life where you perceive lack or scarcity.
• Notice each time a thought triggers the feeling of Not Enough.
• Say yes to the thought and take a deep beautiful breath.
• Then tell yourself, I am willing to experience (money, love, time, etc.), as the air that I breathe.

And if you find this helpful, please let me know. I am so passionate about helping people discover their blind spots – whether with yourself, your relationships or your work and money.

All that you seek is simply hiding in plain sight.

Where do you seek greater clarity? Seek illumination and begin to discover your blind spots.
Take the quiz at www.findyourblindspots.com

Choose YOUR Reality!

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