Law of Attraction: What Are You Creating in Your Dating Scene?

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December 24, 2013
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December 27, 2013
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Law of Attraction: What Are You Creating in Your Dating Scene?

Law of Attraction: What Are You Creating in Your Dating Scene?

In honor of my upcoming teleclass, I thought I’d share a great question from my Relationship Mastery Forum…

Q: I’ve been practicing everything you’ve been teaching me while doing the on-line dating thing and I’m wondering, from a “relationship-manifestation point of view” if it is possible for me to “counter-create” and bring unappealing men or even no men into my physical experience?

For example, if I go online and the only guys writing to me are 58 and look it, and I think, “the only men who want me are old,” does that bring me more old men? OR this past weekend, no men wrote to me at all, except one who referenced my love of animals by saying, “I sure like warm and fuzzy critters.” If I’m saying and thinking, “There are no men” or “only idiots are writing to me,” then do I only get more “no men” and/or “idiots” writing to me?

Given this, when faced with an empty inbox or an inbox of guys who express interest but are turning me off, how do I NOT feel separate from what I want?

A: We DO get what we expect. If your expectations and your “stories” about men are aligned with what you don’t want, you’ll get more of what you don’t’ want. It is important to look at what you fill your mind with. Do you expose yourself to male-bashing conversations? Do you watch tv shows of men portrayed as idiots, bumbling fools, irresponsible oafs or dishonorable jerks? Do you keep looking for evidence that proves your history with men right?

A woman who manifests successful relationships with men DECIDES that she will see and relate to their greatness. She looks for evidence that there are wonderful, high caliber men out there. She seeks out evidence of all the qualities she desires to experience with men.

Remember: where our attention goes the energy flows.

So… rather than “counter-creating,” I’d say maybe you’re creating quite successfully… Might you be creating exactly what you are expecting?

Here’s your opportunity to REDIRECT your attention, your awareness and your creative energy toward what you want instead.

Let’s try some affirmations:

I am willing to SEE all the amazing, wonderful men out there under all conditions.
I am willing to be pleasantly surprised.
I am open and receptive to meeting men in expected AND unexpected ways!

Be willing.
Be a detective. Make it your mission to find evidence of what you seek EVERYWHERE.
Be protective of what you let enter you consciousness regarding men.

This will make ALL the difference in terms of what you will begin to attract and allow into your experience.

Try it and keep me posted!


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