Is This Your Relationship Blind Spot? Don’t Wants Vs Do Wants

Is This Your Relationship Blind Spot? Dream Mate Vs Dream Relationship
November 2, 2015
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November 12, 2015
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Is This Your Relationship Blind Spot? Don’t Wants Vs Do Wants

As a human in pursuit of a fulfilling relationship, a blind spot can be found when you focus on what you don’t want vs. what you do want. 

When people are doing the work of getting clear about what they want in a relationship sometimes they fall into the trap of rehashing and rejecting all of their bad experiences.  “I don’t want an alcoholic, don’t want an abuser, don’t want a woman who wants me just for my money, don’t want a woman who won’t have sex with me…”

Knowing what you don’t want is an important part of identifying what you do want. Yet, because consciousness creates, your untapped power is revealed when you use the ‘don’t wants’ as a spring board. In other words, recognize and acknowledge the ‘don’t wants,’ but don’t hang out there too long.  If you do your springboard will turn into quicksand and you’ll get stuck there – causing you to attract more of what you don’t want.

Instead let the clarity of your ‘don’t wants’ propel you toward your ‘do wants’ and put lots of attention and energy on that. “I want someone healthy, self-aware, generous, respectful, passionate, etc…”

You’ll never “get rid” of the ‘don’t wants.’ And there is no need to resist them. They are part of life and they give us clarity. Simply decide that you will use them to your benefit and you’ll become an ever more powerful magnet for all you desire.

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