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May 6, 2016
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November 17, 2016
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The Invisible Professional Woman: The Real Reason You Feel Unseen and What to Do About It

Beatrice* was highly accomplished by anybody’s standards.

The CEO of a Fortune 500 company she was in her late 50’s, happily married with three high-achieving grown children and a net worth of seven figures.

Despite these outer signs of competence, she confided in me that she didn’t feel very powerful at all. While she’d positioned herself successfully in a male-dominated professional world, she felt invisible. As she expressed it, “I feel like I operate at 10% of my power and I want to operate at 90%, or more.”

Beatrice had reached out to explore the possibility of working with me as a life coach. Two years prior she’d read my book, The Attraction Distraction – Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You and How To get Results – Finally! She found herself returning to it over and again. It turns out my metaphysically oriented book helped her relate to her power and her aspirations differently than any physical world strategy or executive coach ever had.

Beatrice had hit her personal glass ceiling. She wanted the highest CEO position she could attain – one with the ultimate authority to steer a multi-billion dollar enterprise to it’s fullest potential. Although she’d come close to achieving this goal on two occasions, something kept this prize just out of reach.

During our conversation I put on my detective cap as I looked around corners and peaked beneath unturned stones. My goal, as it always is with potential clients, was to help illuminate her blind spots because if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is this:

There is nothing broken or missing in anyone’s life.
We actually already are all that we seek to be, do or have.
Beatrice was already the powerful woman she wished to be. Her challenge and opportunity was to see what I saw.

To Become Visible You Must Learn To See The Invisible

My job isn’t to help you get something you think is missing. My job is to help expose how everything that you want has actually been hiding within you.

You see, the reason your goals and dreams behave as mirages – always just over the horizon only to become invisible when you get close – is that physical world goals are actually illusions.

Don’t believe me? Consider this: How often have you set a goal only to discover that, even if you do achieve it, any sense of satisfaction is fleeting at best.

All the time, right?

This is because goals, as most people relate to them, truly are mirages. We chase after what we think we want, not what we really want.

In other words every goal you’ve ever had has always been for one reason only. You were chasing a feeling that you thought an attained goal could provide.

Beatrice for example, had the goal of Bigger CEO – a visible world thing. But what she really wanted was the feeling of more power – an invisible thing.

While the details may vary, this example is universal.

• If your goal is a house, what you really want may be the feeling of security.
• If your goal is a relationship, what you really want may be the feeling of love.
• If your goal is more money, what you really want may be the feeling of freedom.

What to Do with the Invisible Once You See It

The first step is to understand that the goal isn’t the goal. The true goal is always some form of full self-expression. In other words what most people want is to make fully visible, what they know is invisible, deep down inside.

The second step lies in understanding exactly how we manifest our physical reality, which is this:

Consciousness creates your reality.

This means that the sum total of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations creates what you experience in your outer world.

Whether you rely on quantum physics, spirituality, art or other disciplines the evidence is there.

And when you begin to understand the landscape of your inner world, and how to navigate it, you progress down your path from invisible to invincible.

Where does one start on this path?

It is actually quite simple. The key is relationship.
In order to progress down your path from invisible to invincible you must embrace and nurture the most important relationship of your life.

The invisible relationship you have with your inner world.

I’d gathered enough information to break the news to Beatrice.

I told her, “Beatrice, I cannot guarantee that our work will produce the physical world outcome you want, because what you want isn’t out there. You cannot control your outer world enough to fix your inner world. The truth is, if you could have, you would have by now, right?”

She agreed. She knew that she had depleted her entire physical world arsenal of strategies and it hadn’t gotten her where she wanted to be. With that, we began coaching and the journey has been rich for Beatrice.

Her first most profound experience came while she stood on stage at a corporate summit with over 200 C-suite professionals. She stood on stage with seven other male colleagues addressing the considerable audience regarding annual objectives and projections for the company. She knew what was expected of her when it was her time to speak as she had performed in this way for decades. But this time something deep within arose. She became independent of outer expectations and the validation she had always sought in pursuit of advancement.

To hear her tell the story, she recounts, “Something came over me. I spoke from my heart. It was as if I didn’t care what anybody thought. I was connected to myself and my truth. When I was done, I got a standing ovation. The only one of the entire event.”

This was only one peak experience. Since then she has been pursued by recruiters and search committees that represent her Bigger CEO goal. Yet, she is chasing nothing. She is now operating from 90% or more power and is allowing the perfect right position, that matches her fullest self expression, to be revealed.

There are countless professional women across America like Beatrice. Powerful women who don’t feel powerful. I’ve worked with them for twenty years and meet them everywhere I go. They represent hidden treasures across all industries, managers and leaders in private and public sectors. I see each of these women as beautiful lighthouses ready to have the on switch flipped, so she can light the way in her unique sphere of influence.

All she needs to do is illuminate her inner world and begin nurturing a new kind of relationship with it. The rest simply happens.

If you’d like to connect in person to explore where your blind spots are, I’d be happy to chat with you. Nothing inspires me more than seeing a woman come home to herself so she can bring to the world what only she can bring.

Seek illumination and begin to discover your blind spots:
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*Beatrice is a real client and her story is true. Some details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

photo credit: open for hiding via photopin (license)

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