Receive Clarity

Embody Your Truth

Express Your Purpose


The Illumination Retreat™

1 Weekend

15 Women

A Sacred Space to Connect with Your Soul's Deepest Wisdom

March 1-3, 2019

Galveston, Texas

(Early Bird Registration Has Expired)
(2 Spaces Remaining as of 2/26/19)

You are a powerful woman.

  • You do so much for others.
  • You get so much done.
  • You care about your relationships.
  • You work hard and give your best.

    Yet, you often feel that you're meant for more.

    You have goals and dreams. They may be very personal and intimate. They may feel big and visionary. Maybe a little bit of both. It's just that sometimes...

    You get lost in the swirl of life.

    Or you can't get traction or keep the momentum going.

    Perhaps you think, "There's something I'm just not seeing here."

    It's a bit baffling because with all of your skills and brains you feel like you should be able to figure this out.

    But, that right there, is the problem. You can't reach your next level of fulfillment through your mind.

    Your fulfillment is not a problem you solve.
    Your fulfillment is your soul's truth revealed.

    It happens when you get still enough to hear it. Your soul is your North Star.

    Illuminated joy

    Yet, it can be hard to find quiet with so many things pulling at you for attention.

    Texts, emails, and phone calls keep you on alert.

    Your job, people and responsibilities demand your energy.

    Experts compete for your dollars.

    The media tells you who you should be and how you should look.

    Whether you realize it or not, the only thing you need is Sacred Space.

    The more you develop your ability to create and honor Sacred Space, the more masterful you become at harnessing your inner well-spring of peace, purpose and power in all areas of your life.


      Major Shifts In My Relationships With Men

      Shannon Tran

      “After 16 years in Corporate America in a very male-dominated field, my career was a huge success. But I'd lost sight of my feminine side and honestly had negative feelings about my own femininity. Sonia was bold in her approach with me, and challenged me in a gentle but firm way. My life has expanded and shifted in enormous ways; especially my relationship with my husband. We now have a harmonious, loving, healthy, and fun relationship-something I've wanted my whole life! On an inner level, I'm at peace. I feel like I can breathe again, and I feel confident, loved, appreciated, whole, and valued as a person. It's amazing! A real miracle.”

      Shannon Tran, Ph.D.


      I Feel Invincible With Sonia In My Corner

      Amanda Hoffman

      “I was beginning the long journey of medical school and had great confidence in career but not in my relationships. My self esteem was low and I had many body pains developing. Sonia gave me immediate relief of physical and emotional pain, as well as tools to continue clearing my blocks and tap into my power. I just love how I feel invincible with Sonia in my corner, with my dream career as a Naturopathic alternative doctor, my amazing husband, and our first son on the way! I can’t wait for my exhilarating sessions with Sonia to see what manifests next….my dream retreat center!”

      Amanda Hoffman, ND


    The journey that's led me to you...

    My earliest memory of being self-aware appeared as a riddle of sorts:

    “How can I feel and be as powerful as I sense I am?"

    I was a little girl, hyper-sensitive to the world around me, which caused me to become a people pleaser and worry a lot. And with grown-ups constantly telling me what to do, “powerful" was hardly the way anyone would have described me. And yet… a little voice inside kept whispering… “You are so much more than you realize."

    This paradox would become the single driving force in my life.

    Instinct led me to spend the first half of my life pursuing different shapes and forms of power in my external world. I conquered challenges and achieved goals including healing from Bulimia, leaving behind lucrative work as a financial executive to craft a fulfilling purpose-driven career, experiencing romantic partnership when I doubted it would happen for me, and overcoming infertility... to name a few.

    Over a lifetime of personal and professional evolution, I came to understand that I was a product of my environment. I, like many women at this time in history, learned and embraced a masculine model of power. This is how I pursued all of my goals and dreams.

    There are great benefits to this model of power. It has given us access to opportunities that were not available before the women’s movement. A masculine model of power has gotten us far. But, on a personal level, this lop-sided power model is largely responsible for the glass ceilings we experience in all areas of life. And on a global level it reveals a hunger we have an opportunity to nourish. We may not know how to name it. But we feel it. We feel it as a longing for a collective betterment we know is possible. Until we discover, value and integrate feminine aspects of power, we will remain limited versions of ourselves in the world.

    The masculine model of power is based in doing and thinking.

    The feminine model of power is based in being and feeling.

    Whereas the masculine pursues, the feminine invites.

    Where the masculine builds or conquers a manifestation. The feminine allows and reveals a manifestation.

    Essential to feminine power is space. Our power lives in our spaces - the spaces of our minds, our bodies, our hearts and our spirits. As we care for our spaces we more fully access our power.

    But many of us are completely disconnected from these aspects of ourselves. The wisdom and power of your feminine aspects is truly your personal buried treasure.

    As I started to hit my upper limits, I came to understand that this masculine model of power could only take me so far.

    When I opened up to my other half – my feminine power – I opened up to a partnership with the sacred within me and I started to move beyond achieving success to experiencing fulfillment.

    I'd love to provide you with an opportunity to experience the power of sacred space and connect with your soul’s deepest wisdom to guide you in all areas of your life.


    A Rare Opportunity

    An Uncommon Value

    Accommodations And Meals Are Included

    Typically, a three-day retreat of this nature would be valued at $900-1200 plus accommodations. However, because I've been able to collaborate with a kindred woman, Raquel Osherow Miller, who has held the vision of making this retreat possible, we are able to provide this event at this beautiful beachside location at a fraction of the cost.
    Galveston House

    NOTE: There are ONLY 8 spaces remaining.
    $100 deposit holds your spot.

    Early Bird Registration: $600 expired January 15, 2019
    Regular Registration: of $675. Deadline February 1, 2019
    Count-Down Registration: $750. 100 deposit. Balance due February 28th.

    Please send payments to Sonia Miller at:
    Paypal:, or Venmo: @soniammiller

    Refund Policy

    An event of this nature requires a considerable commitment of time and resources. The following refund policy has been established to support the best possible opportunity for all concerned. Your registration for The Illumination Retreat constitutes as your agreement to the following refund policy:

    - Full refund on funds towards balance paid - 60 days prior to event.
    - 50% refund on funds towards balance paid 30 days prior to event.
    - No refunds on funds towards balance paid - 2 weeks prior to event.
    - Credit balances may be transferred to another participant or applied toward other programs or services offered by Sonia Miller.

      In only 3 months huge things are shifting.

      Natalie Bowman Lee

      I had dreams to be a powerful, confident, and successful force in the wine industry. In some ways I knew what I needed to do to succeed, but in other ways I felt stuck and very anxious. Through Sonia's guidance I’ve experienced huge shifts in only 3 months! I’ve officially made my first wine, am starting a new job that allows me to travel to Italy and provides weekends off for time with my husband, and I’m finding the courage and strength to do things that scared me before. I can’t thank you enough Sonia."

      Natalie Bowman Lee, Winemaker
      Oregon, USA


      From feeling broken to an explosion of new possibilities...


      "I felt trapped in a a stagnant job doing things I don’t agree with and felt broken as I struggled with depression and a sensitivity to bad people. I was afraid this reality would never change so I sought out Sonia's support in the hopes of tapping into a new possibility. Quickly, as I practiced the tools she taught me, everything starting to shift! I’ve been joyous - excited about work and new ways of doing things in our office. I’ve had so much fun talking to people about new projects I’m taking on. The excitement about work is unfamiliar. I felt so hopeless, but my experience has exploded with possibilities and opportunities. Work is easy and fun now."

      Oregon, USA


      My Experiences With Sonia Have Revealed The Best In Me

      Paula S

      "Sonia has helped me grow in so many aspects of my life. Although I am a strong and accomplished woman, I struggled not to leak my power. When I felt triggered, overwhelmed, and even passionate, the tears would flow, sometimes uncontrollably. Sonia gave me the tools to stay grounded and understand that my passion is a gift and not a curse. Learning and applying that concept has been life-changing. My experiences with Sonia have revealed the best in me."

      Paula Shine, President
      Heart and Shine Events



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