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Haunted By Thoughts of Scarcity

In this post, I was inspired to feature a Q&A piece instead of the traditional article. This bit of advice addresses a common challenge in the pursuit of any life goal or dream. Enjoy!

money scarsityQ: I’ve been studying personal success technology for quite some time. All the metaphysical books teach you that there is plenty for everyone. But I often find myself feeling competitive and haunted by thoughts of scarcity – like there is only so much money, success, and opportunity to go around. How do I get beyond the belief that if I don’t snatch up the goodies, someone else will!

A: First I must tell you, there is no quick fix here because we are talking about expanding your consciousness. This requires commitment. However, if you’re willing to do the work, the rewards are limitless!

And now, permit me to introduce you to the cause of your scarcity consciousness – your ego! Your ego is the Small You, which maintains the illusion that you are separate from Source. Your soul consciousness is the Big You, which can access higher truths regarding the infinite nature of Source.

Expanding your consciousness is a process of integrating your ego. Your ego can be a really fun part of who you are. It is the part of you that wants to shine, be right, get credit and be acknowledged. It motivates you and helps launch your desires. When these qualities are in service to your soul’s higher guidance, your ego serves you.

However, when your ego is in charge, you’ll feel disconnected from Source. Your perspective will move into a distorted world of limitation – where supply of all things is finite, and where love and support are conditional.

There IS more than enough to go around. After all, that’s what infinite means! The way to integrate your ego, so that it works in partnership with your soul’s wisdom, is to contemplate the infinite. Begin with willingness and intention to remember Truth. Then put yourself on the path. Study, meditate, pray, and talk to like-minded people. As you cultivate a long-term relationship with Source, your ego will take up less space in your consciousness. And slowly but surely, scarcity thinking will become a distant memory as you play in the realm of infinite possibility.

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