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Feel Trapped In Survival Mode? You Have A Choice…

Your consciousness creates your reality.

But your consciousness is much more than what you focus on.

The power of your consciousness lies in how you focus on what you focus on.

In other words, how your world appears is directly related to the lens through which you look at it.

So, my question for you is this:

Do you look at your life through a Crisis Lens or a Creative Lens?

Your answer will determine whether you experience your life and the world as something to survive or an opportunity to thrive.

Here are some clues.  Read through them and notice which scenarios best describe you.  You can switch out your lenses any time you like.

  • Do you want to rescue someone or yourself? Do you want to spare yourself or another pain?  (This points to a Crisis Lens)
  • Can you see pain as an opportunity to get clear or to grow? Do you see how pain can teach you where you could love or accept yourself or another more? (This points to a Creative Lens)


  • Do you feel the need to defend or protect yourself or another? (Crisis)
  • Can you lean back and try on for size a different perspective asking, “Could this be true or truer?” (Creative)


  • Do you want to get rid of pain or fear at all cost? As quickly as possible? (Crisis)
  • Can you instead be curious about the pain or fear, asking over and over again, “What am I really afraid of?” (Creative)


  • Do you feel you have to “do” something – anything? Do you act on knee-jerk reactions? (Crisis)
  • Can you practice doing nothing for a little bit? Could you wait and listen for guidance before taking action?  (Creative)


There’s a big difference between actually needing to survive and being in survival mode.  If or when we are truly under threat, we have built-in instincts that get activated to keep us as safe as possible.

But there are many, many times when reality is much kinder than our thoughts.  We are actually okay.  We have food, shelter, friends, support, a job, a car, money, etc. and reality has nothing to do with how we’re feeling.

Our greatest opportunity in these times is to NOTICE what’s real and what’s a story that’s hijacking our thoughts and emotions.

Not only do we always have a choice about how we respond.  But our choice absolutely determines the reality we are creating.

From my heart to yours, I invite you to choose your reality.  Be willing to see the creative opportunities that are in front of you.  The power to thrive under all conditions is yours.

Seek illumination and begin to discover your blind spots.
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