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March 24, 2016
From Invisible to Invincible: A Manifesto for Professional Women
May 6, 2016
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Do You Feel Invisible?

I rediscovered a poem I wrote 23 years ago.

At the time, I’d left behind gainful employment as a stock and bond trader in search of myself.

After years of scouring the external world for clues about where I might find this mysterious creature Sonia, I finally became ready to look in the place that scared me most.


Why so scared? Because I’d never gone there before. My whole life had been about people pleasing, performing, and achieving.
I was damn good at it too. But there was a hefty price to pay for this esteemed accomplishment: I felt like I was dying a spiritual death.

With encouragement from kindred women and wise teachers, I developed the courage to face the unknown.

I discovered my heart, my passion, and my dream for myself and the world.

I’ve learned that often we’re afraid to look within because we fear that once we find our answers we’ll have to do something about it.

But that’s not the case.
It’s really okay to just know your truth and sit with it for a while.
As you settling into it, your soul will nudge and guide you to your next steps.

The poem I wrote revealed Me to Me.
Since then I’ve practiced revealing me to others and the world, in service to my vision.
Now I find myself guided to help other women do the same.

Beyond anything I could have contrived, it appears my soul has guided me to breath life into the poem’s character and make her real. I’m offering my new workshop on June 13th entitled,

REVEAL – A Professional Woman’s Path From Invisible to Invincible

If some hidden aspect of you, is nudging you to attend – LISTEN.

You can learn more here: bit.ly/reveal-workshop

You have everything to gain, and the only thing to lose, is that feeling of unfulfilled potential that gnaws away at you.

Here’s the poem.

i dreamt of the chiffon dress kissing her from neath a gust of wind
a breath of fresh air

stand tall,
proud, serene and feminine
powerful as only a woman can be
the marriage of softness and power

embodying trust and faith complete
in all that is good
that is pure
in the world

see people for the light of their souls
for each one’s divinity

for hope and healing



and follow

teacher and student
reveling in the gift of other women
holding hands, a circle of sisters
vision for a world of peace

passionate fire
innocent child
lioness, protective and nurturing
of home and hearth
bubbling laughter floating up to the heavens
sexy curves of flesh emanating a delicious heat
inspiring love

magical mystical sorceress spiritual trusting and clear

I am daughter, sister, wife,
mother, friend, bitch,

the woman I dream of becoming

Sonia Maria Kerllenevich
October 7, 1993


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