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May 24, 2018
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March 4, 2019
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Being Beauty

one day she remembered

she remembered who she is

the memory was so embedded, only grace could have revealed it

she is not the leaf, but the green

she is not the wood, but the grain

she is not the branches, but the breeze that sways them

her value is not in what she does
what she accomplishes
what she makes happen
what she figures out

her value is in being beauty

the flower

rooted in the earth
needs nothing and no one to be beauty
life itself takes care of her

she accepts all that is given

the manure of death and decay
the rain of pressure released
the breath that has served its purpose
the heat that gives life yet can burn
and she transmutes it all

into beauty

she needs nothing to be complete
she need not be claimed to know her worth
she honors all with her presence

she has no goals, pursues nothing, achieves nothing, strategizes nothing, builds nothing

she need not seek, hunt, or conquer to know her power

she is

all who come to her are nourished

her essence
her fragrance
her presence

returns beholders to their divinity

where breath slows
where mind quiets
where smile arises
where engine rests
where noble action is inpsired

she never waits because there is nothing to wait for

she is complete
she is home
she is here

she is beauty

eternally welcoming those ready for her blessing

= = = = = = = =
Sonia M. Miller

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