You Are Not Alone – Shine!

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November 4, 2015
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You Are Not Alone – Shine!

You are not alone.

{This message brought to you by a random act of kindness I just witnessed while on my daily power walk.}

As I do every day, I had my earbuds in and Pandora tunes cranked as I hit the pavement for my mental health nourishment. I’m pretty sure the music sets my overthinking mind free. I regularly receive answers to questions and inspirations as I walk to the brink of running for 45 minutes. The earbuds also serve as an imaginary buffer between me and the rest of the world – the world to which I’m oversensitive to and have been my whole life.

Every now and then a fellow human will look past my ear buds, pierce my “do not disturb” bubble and talk to me.

It happened tonight. A young man made direct eye contact with me. Maybe he was in his late teens or early twenties. Dark complected. Black buzzed hair. Kind face, but a little… off. He was talking right to me to the point, that I had to take my ear buds out. He was gesturing with his hands. Said “hello” a few times. I felt uneasy, so I offered my usual polite smile and hello back, but kept walking.
He was weird.
I don’t know.

He wasn’t creepy, but I just didn’t know how to handle it. I had to get away… just in case. Like most women, I’ve been taught to be weary of strangers, especially men who could hurt me. As I kept walking, I even took one earbud out for a few blocks to make sure I could hear if anyone came running up behind me.

Then I passed a little girl in her front yard saying, “Hi!” several times. Despite my dual ear bud bubble, I could hear her sweet voice as she watched me walk by. “I’m on my walk,” I thought to myself. It’s my “me” time.

I was thinking, “What a weird walk today. People keep piercing my do not disturb bubble.”

On to the next block. A man driving by slows down his car. Pulls up to me. Rolls down his window. I pull out my ear buds. “Did you see a young man walk down the alley over there?” he asked. I said, “Go all the way down and take a left. He just walked by me.” He said, “Oh… he seemed really disoriented. He came to my door. Asked to call his mother. I let him in. He couldn’t remember his mother’s name.” I said, “Yes, he did seem disoriented.”

Worry for the young man suddenly filled my heart. “Are you going to go find him?” I asked.
He replied, “Yes.”
I said, “Thank you.”

As I walked away, I almost broke into tears. This man left his home. Got in his car. And set out to find and help this young man.

A random act of kindness.
No fear.
No hesitation.
He cared.
He went out of his way.

Why do I take the time to share this today?

Because it just so happens that yesterday I was guided, for apparently no reason, to buy and read Doreen Virtue’s book “Earth Angel Realms.”

Virtue is a world renowned clairvoyant and authority on spiritually-oriented counseling and holds a Bachelors degree, a Masters degree and and a PhD. She also has 50 books to her credit.

I spent my entire childhood feeling different, alone, lonely, like an outsider and longing to belong. I’d become a chameleon and psychological contortionist trying to fit into what I thought was acceptable. Without any role models to guide me toward a philosophical orientation other than logic and reason, I got my business degree in business finance, a masters degree in social work and wrote a book… all in a desperate attempt to compensate for the truth: I was a woo-woo-spiritual, energetic, intuitive, over sensitive, fight for the underdog, bleeding heart weirdo, who loves everyone and couldn’t deal with meanness or conflict.

Well, 51 years of life later, with not a millimeter more thickness to my skin, but a well-developed capacity to take care of myself, I found my self reading Virtue’s book, only to have validated what I had come to accept. I AM a weirdo. And if this post resonates for you, YOU ARE TOO. Whether or not you believe in angels, starpeople or any other life form… it doesn’t matter. You are not alone.

According to the book, it turns out I fit into multiple Earth Angel categories. I saw myself spelled out in resounding case study detail. I’m one part Incarnated Angel, one part Starpeople and one part Wise One… with a dash of many others.

And, this older man who went out of his way to help the young man… well, I’m pretty sure he was some kind of Earth Angel too.
Although I’ve been out of the closet for a while – (I sort of had to make peace with what and who I was in order to write and publish a book about the Law of Attraction – but not before studying quantum physics in depth to substantiate my teachings for real-world approval) – but now I’m ready to let my glitter sparkle!


Because people like you and me need to know we are not alone.
And because the world needs lots of kindness and love and people caring about each other.

If knowing you are not alone gives you a little more strength and courage to shine your light brighter.

Then YAY for our world!

And know that you’ve got an ally right here in me!

Shine on!


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