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Dear Kindred Woman,

I see you.

Ask anyone who knows you and they’ll say you’re a remarkable woman. You are smart, capable and motivated. You make things happen. You take care of people. Frankly, it’s amazing what you can do.

And yet, behind closed doors, sometimes you feel invisible. Other people see you as powerful, but you don’t always feel it inside. Despite your professional accomplishments a sense of unfulfilled potential gnaws away at you. Perhaps your personal relationships aren’t what they could be. If you’re honest with yourself at times you feel separate, lonely or disconnected. And, as for your relationship with yourself, you never feel quite enough. Whether you’re unhappy with your body or your inner world is restless… lasting peace, self-love and joy? Well, that would be sublime. But how?

Yes I see you, because I am you.

When I was 25 years old, I had a moment of clarity as I stood in the trading room at Boston Institutional Services. I was a few years out of college and for all intents and purposes, I’d made it.

I had the degree, a promising career and self-sufficient independence. And now I had the permission and space to ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’d always known what I was supposed to do. But what I wanted to do? What made my heart and soul sing? That was a foreign concept.

After some soul-searching the only answer I could find was a clue from my childhood. When I was young I loved magic. And when I questioned what magic translated to as a grown up, I found myself diving into the world of psychology, energy, consciousness and metaphysics. If it was invisible, I would study it.

Fast forward 27 years through a curriculum only life itself could design. Today I help women resolve what I’ve come to call The Power Paradox. Since 1989 I’ve helped women crack the code to find answers to questions they felt, but couldn’t quite define – despite great skills and brains.

What makes me different than other teachers or coaches?

After almost three decades I think it boils down to this:

1) I meet women at a very particular juncture in their personal evolution. It occurs at the point that life has put a stake in the ground and declared, “You can’t figure this out. You must find another way.” At this threshold you have an opportunity to expand into a new way of living – from the illusion of power - which is based in control, to true power - which can only be found within.

2) Seeing blind spots clearly is my thing. Your true power is something you experience. You can’t get there through the mind. And yet smart women try to find answers with their minds. By exposing this initial blind spot, and revealing the doors that were previously camouflaged, entirely new possibilities are exposed.

How I Work

Because I see clearly, I see the truth of who you really are. Your past, your vulnerabilities and your seeming flaws are irrelevant. You are infinitely powerful and I know this as deeply as anyone can know anything.

And because I know this and I believe that the world needs women to liberate their fullest potential into their unique spheres of influence, you can expect me to champion you. This is because our work is much bigger than you or I. This work is about the difference we can make in the world.

If you feel called to work with me, you can expect to open doors to possibilities that were closed before. Over two decades my clients have revealed three primary areas of personal discontent – their selves, their relationships and their work.

Whatever your pain is, with gentleness, we will go there together. Your greatest discontent is the doorway to your true power. And by looking compassionately at what is not working, we'll shed light on your blind spots and I'll teach you how to remove them to expose the answers that have been hiding in plain sight.

I have a saying: “Creating your reality does not mean controlling your reality.” This means that I won’t guarantee an outcome in your physical world because what you’re looking for cannot be found there. However, I promise that I will illuminate the path that has allowed countless women to make their personal and professional dreams come true. My clients have overcome all kinds of obstacles to meet and marry their life partners, have babies, get promotions, win awards, access lasting inner happiness, let go of the past, transcend anxiety and depression and fall in love with themselves. I invite you to explore this site and let their stories inspire the possibilities that are waiting for you.

A Bit More About Me

So, how exactly did I get here? Well, if my work were a delicious cake you might say it was one part professional development, one part real-world application, and one part school of hard knocks. All bound together with my innate wiring as a relentless seeker.

Professionally, I hold a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Social Work. My careers have taken me from transacting $25 million dollar trades on the New York Stock Exchange to working as a Spanish speaking social worker with Latino migrant farmworker families and young girls in low-income schools. I’m an ordained minister and have engaged deeply in cross-disciplinary research and training in relationships, energy psychology, program development, leadership training and personal achievement.

I’ve used my life as a grand laboratory putting everything I've learned to the test. As a result I overcame many obstacles to heal from bulimia, write an international best-seller - The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working for Your and How to Get Results - Finally!, get married when I thought it would never happen for me, overcome infertility to have boy/girl twins, own an award-winning vineyard, and transform my career to build a successful purpose-driven business now celebrating its 20th year.

I entered the School of Hard Knocks the day my soul took over my training program and served up a whoop-ass cocktail of adversity that challenged everything I thought I knew about power: 4 years of caregiving for my mother through cancer, unexpected divorce, law suit and loss of assets, to name a few. This was the stake in the ground moment that demanded I practice everything I’d learned since that fateful day in the brokerage firm. My life and my kids’ lives depended on it.

That chapter of life saturated every molecule in my being with the wisdom of all I’d studied and practiced. I rebuilt my life in ways I could not have imagined. Today my kids are thriving, I’m immersed in deep love. I know peace, I have a business that asks me to write About Pages like this, I get to work with women like you, and most importantly I live from the deepest knowing that my power, peace and well-being is not contingent upon anything in my outer world.

With that said, if this letter resonates for you, it is no accident. My heart and soul wrote it to touch your heart and soul. And if you’d like to explore the possibilities of working together and what that could mean for you and your life, it would be my joy and my honor to talk with you.

Simply contact me here and we’ll take the next steps together.

Love and Blessings, Sonia


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