7 Lies You Believe About Yourself Which Imprison the Bigger You!

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7 Lies You Believe About Yourself Which Imprison the Bigger You!

The following segment is part of an extended article series designed to shed light on the nature of the illusion we call reality, how it keeps us small, and how to unleash your life’s highest possibilities!

PART 1 – You and Your Life Are an Illusion

You Chose to Forget Who You Really Are for a Reason

You know that longing you feel for a better life? There’s a reason for it. It is your soul guiding, nudging, even prodding you towards what you really came here to do.

So, in your infinite power you fabricated an illusion – this physical reality – designed to set up all kinds of brilliantly convincing limitations. You are so powerful that you actually pulled it off. You actually forgot who you are. You created a bunch of “lies,” and used your power to create a wide variety of illusions to convince yourself that you are the opposite of who you really are. In other words, your power is hidden everywhere throughout the illusion!

You Also Created the Illusion of Remembering

Forgetting who you are is only part of the big picture. You also came here to experience the illusion of remembering! And when your soul says, “It’s time to remember!” that process begins. What does that part of the journey look and feel like?

It is different for every seeker. For some the shift into remembering can feel like everything is falling apart. For others it can be more subtle. However, there is one element that is common for all seekers at this stage of awakening: if it is your time to remember the Truth of who you really are, reclaim your power and unleash that into your life, then your soul will send you the tools, resources and insights to expand!

You’ll be hungry to know and remember more. And articles like this will strike you as just what you were looking for – even when you didn’t know you were looking!

Your true nature is this:

You are love and worth.
You are wholeness, health and oneness.
You are freedom.
You are power.
You are safety.
You are abundance and all-sufficiency of supply.
You are wisdom.

The illusion you created to forget convinced you of the opposite. You’ve believed a bunch of lies:

You are unlovable and unworthy.
You are separate, alone and not enough.
You are trapped. You are constrained.
You are powerless. Power is outside of you. You are subject to conditions.
You are unsafe. Life and the world are dangerous.
You are limited and restricted. Lack and scarcity are real.
You don’t know. You are confusion. The answers are outside of you.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be delving into the lies, the Illusion, the Truth of who you are, and ways to liberate yourself. Until the next installment let yourself be in this question: “Am I ready and willing to remember?”

Choose YOUR Reality!™
Sonia Miller

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