You're an intelligent, competent, motivated woman.
But behind closed doors, sometimes you feel invisible.

You’re not alone.
Many accomplished women face the world with power.
Yet, secretly they feel unseen, insecure, or invalidated.
There’s a reason for this paradox. And a way to resolve it.

Choose your area of greatest discontent
and begin to discover your blind spots.

  • "I'm in awe of the events that have happened in 4 sessions"

    I was frustrated by the lack of material manifestation that I desired. In four coaching sessions we unblocked beliefs that limited my development. After every session I felt lighter and more confident. I am in awe and grateful for the events that have happened. Website traffic increased, I received the largest donation yet to my cause, and have an exhilarating new business opportunity!"

    David Slocumbe - Internet Entrepreneur -
  • "I had a 180 degree turn around with in my business."

    I've enjoyed a successful weight loss practice for 20 years. However, last year my husband almost died from kidney cancer and my telephone quit ringing. I had bills to pay and for the first time in my life, I feared lack and scarcity. Thank goodness I am enrolled in Sonia’s, Ultimate Manifestation Intensive. WOW! I've had a 180 degree turnaround in my business and my joy and well-being have quadrupled.

    Linda Allred - Weight Loss Hypnotherapist - Louisiana, USA
  • "I feel invincible with Sonia in my corner."

    I was beginning the long journey of medical school and had great confidence in career but my self esteem in relationships was low and I had many body pains. Sonia gave me immediate relief of physical and emotional pain, as well as tools to tap into my power. I love how invincible I feel with Sonia in my corner. My dream career as a Naturopathic alternative doctor, my amazing husband, and our first son on the way! I can’t wait for my exhilarating sessions with Sonia to see what manifests next….my dream retreat center!”

    "I feel invincible with Sonia in my corner."
    Amanda Hoffman, ND - - Oregon, USA
  • "I was able to leave my day job to create my dream documentary."
    In the first 6 months of working with Sonia, I attractws enough money to take 8 months off of work and travel around the world. I left my day job and I am now working on my dream documentary film about a group of mothers, each grieving the loss of a child who travel to South Africa to volunteer with impoverished children. My relationships have never been better, and every day my life becomes a clearer reflection of who I really am and want to be. Sonia is a truly gifted intuitive spiritual coach.
    Jen Steinman - Award-Winning Director 'Motherland,' 'Desert Runners' - California, USA
  • "I received a hefty raise and I'm much happier at work."
    Thanks to Sonia I have been expanding my prosperity consciousness. At work, I have attracted my dream manager who supports and encourages my success and gives me opportunities to grow. The result is that after a year I received a hefty raise and a substantial bonus. I am much happier at work and more excited than I have been in a long time! I used to think that this was just a coincidence, but no more!
    Susan Kimura - Programer Hewlett Packard - California, USA
  • "Sonia helped me see my blind spot.
    When Sonia helped me see my blind spot, I realized that breaking the glass ceiling could never give me the sense of personal value I was seeking. I’ve been tapping into a deeper experience of personal power ever since.
    Private Client - CEO Fortune 500 Company - United States
  • After 10 years, I overcame stage fright.
    was so afraid of stage fright before performing, that it kept me off the stage for 10 years. When I saw where my true power was hiding, I fully raised my voice and sang my heart out!
    Carly Bisek - International Communications Leader - Zurich Switzerland
May 24, 2018

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