I see you.

You're an intelligent, competent, motivated woman.
But behind closed doors, sometimes you feel invisible.

You’re not alone.
Many accomplished women face the world with power.
Yet, secretly they feel unseen, insecure, or invalidated - like imposters.
There’s a reason for this paradox. And a way to resolve it.

Choose your area of greatest discontent
and begin to discover your blind spots.

  • David Slocumbe
    "I'm in awe of the events that have happened in 4 sessions"

    I was frustrated by the lack of material manifestation that I desired. In four coaching sessions we unblocked beliefs that limited my development. After every session I felt lighter and more confident. I am in awe and grateful for the events that have happened. Website traffic increased, I received the largest donation yet to my cause, and have an exhilarating new business opportunity!"

    David Slocumbe - Internet Entrepreneur - baldguyinabluehouse.com
  • Lind Allred
    "I had a 180 degree turn around with in my business."

    I've enjoyed a successful weight loss practice for 20 years. However, last year my husband almost died from kidney cancer and my telephone quit ringing. I had bills to pay and for the first time in my life, I feared lack and scarcity. Thank goodness I am enrolled in Sonia’s, Ultimate Manifestation Intensive. WOW! I've had a 180 degree turnaround in my business and my joy and well-being have quadrupled.

    Linda Allred - Weight Loss Hypnotherapist - Louisiana, USA
  • Amanda Cropped
    "I feel invincible with Sonia in my corner."

    I was beginning the long journey of medical school and had great confidence in career but my self esteem in relationships was low and I had many body pains. Sonia gave me immediate relief of physical and emotional pain, as well as tools to tap into my power. I love how invincible I feel with Sonia in my corner. My dream career as a Naturopathic alternative doctor, my amazing husband, and our first son on the way! I can’t wait for my exhilarating sessions with Sonia to see what manifests next….my dream retreat center!”

    "I feel invincible with Sonia in my corner."
    Amanda Hoffman, ND - calypsonaturalclinic.com - Oregon, USA
  • jen steinman
    "I was able to leave my day job to create my dream documentary."
    In the first 6 months of working with Sonia, I attractws enough money to take 8 months off of work and travel around the world. I left my day job and I am now working on my dream documentary film about a group of mothers, each grieving the loss of a child who travel to South Africa to volunteer with impoverished children. My relationships have never been better, and every day my life becomes a clearer reflection of who I really am and want to be. Sonia is a truly gifted intuitive spiritual coach.
    Jen Steinman - Award-Winning Director 'Motherland,' 'Desert Runners' - California, USA
  • Susan K
    "I received a hefty raise and I'm much happier at work."
    Thanks to Sonia I have been expanding my prosperity consciousness. At work, I have attracted my dream manager who supports and encourages my success and gives me opportunities to grow. The result is that after a year I received a hefty raise and a substantial bonus. I am much happier at work and more excited than I have been in a long time! I used to think that this was just a coincidence, but no more!
    Susan Kimura - Programer Hewlett Packard - California, USA
  • CEO Silhouette
    "Sonia helped me see my blind spot.
    When Sonia helped me see my blind spot, I realized that breaking the glass ceiling could never give me the sense of personal value I was seeking. I’ve been tapping into a deeper experience of personal power ever since.
    Private Client - CEO Fortune 500 Company - United States
  • Carly
    After 10 years, I overcame stage fright.
    was so afraid of stage fright before performing, that it kept me off the stage for 10 years. When I saw where my true power was hiding, I fully raised my voice and sang my heart out!
    Carly Bisek - International Communications Leader - Zurich Switzerland
May 12, 2016
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